Thursday, November 16, 2017 Minutes
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Regular Telephonic Meeting of the Board of Directors

Thursday, November 16, 2017

9:30 a.m.

Board Room

MAET Administration Building

3825 Ridgewood Rd.

Jackson, Mississippi


Directors present:     Peggy Holmes, Chair, David Allen, Pete Smith

Directors present telephonically:  Andrea Mayfield, Vice Chair and Bob Sawyer

Directors absent:  Hal Parker

Staff present:             Ronnie Agnew, Teresa Collier, Scott Colwell, John Gibson, Jason Klein, Gregg Mayer, Paul Moore, Claudia Singletary, Maggie Stevenson, Henry Williams and Tara Wren

Others present:          Doug Mann, Attorney General’s office and Darrin Webb, State economist



Chair Holmes opened the meeting, and it was established that there was a quorum present to do business. 

Chair Holmes led the Pledge of Allegiance.



Ronnie Agnew introduced Darrin Webb who presented to the board a summary of Mississippi’s current economy and the outlook for 2018.

Darrin Webb explained the factors influencing the slow growth in Mississippi and the problems with Education Enhancement Funds (EEF) of which MPB receives a part. 

[Andrea Mayfield and Bob Sawyer joined the meeting telephonically.]



A motion was made by Director Allen and seconded by Director Sawyer that the Board approve the agenda, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.



Gregg Mayer presented the affiliation agreement between MPB and the MPB Foundation as approved by the MPB Foundation board. 

Gregg Mayer noted that the renewal provision provides for automatic renewal unless notice of termination.

Gregg Mayer added that the main difference between this affiliation agreement and the previous ones with the Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Mississippi is that the state agency is the sole member of MPB Foundation, which implies certain powers and authority. 

A motion was made by Director Allen and seconded by Vice Chair Mayfield that the Board approve the Affiliation Agreement as presented, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

A copy of the affiliation agreement is included as a part of these minutes as Exhibit A.



A motion was made by Director Sawyer and seconded by Director Allen that the Board approve the minutes of the September 12, 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.



Paul Moore presented the financial report and highlighted various items.

Paul Moore stated that EEF collection is down by $149,000. 

Paul Moore added that the first quarter installation from MPB Foundation has been received, though not reflected on the attached financial report.

Paul Moore stated that underwriting is tracking ahead of projections for the year.

A copy of the financial report is included as a part of these Minutes as Exhibit B.



Ronnie Agnew noted that he and Gregg Mayer, chief counsel for MPB, have met with legislators to explain the repack process for our towers. 

Ronnie Agnew stated that the events surrounding the Ken Burns’ Vietnam series (and MPB’s in-house documentary) have been remarkable and commended the Communications Dept. and the MPB Foundation for their work.  Ronnie Agnew added that over 620,000 people in Vietnam watched this series via streaming.

Ronnie Agnew announced that he will be serving on the board of American Public Television, which is the 2nd largest distributor of public broadcasting material. 

Ronnie Agnew reported that there have been over 140 cars to-date donated to MPB resulting in a total of $30,000 to MPB. 

Ronnie Agnew encouraged the board members to attend PBS’ annual meeting which will be held this year in New Orleans May 7-10. 

Ronnie Agnew updated the board on the ongoing work of First Community Development of Atlanta, currently preparing the feasibility analysis. 



Angela Ferraez reported that Foundation is gearing up for TV Pledge beginning the week of Thanksgiving. 

Angela Ferraez noted that Foundation is looking to increase and expand the volunteer program.

Angela Ferraez stated that Bill Ellison has been added as underwriter contact for the Foundation and will be travelling the state to make contacts.

Angela Ferraez added that there is a Republican caucus lunch planned for February 20, and that she is waiting to hear a date for a Democrat caucus lunch as well.



Scott Colwell reminded that the board that repack (reassigning of frequencies) is required for 3 of MPB’s 8 stations and gave update on the status. 

Maggie Stevenson announced that the process of getting MPB ready to host GED classes is still in process with Mississippi Community College Board and others involved.

Ronnie Agnew asked Scott Colwell to explain the situation with transitions that may happen over time to switch broadcasting to ATSC 3.0. 



A motion was made by Director Sawyer and seconded by Director Allen that the Board adjourn, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.