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Cove Video Player \u002D Como

The Roads crew stops in the little town of Como, MS, which has seen its share of struggles and growth - and luckily, it seems they’re in another growth period.

A trio of singers is discovered by accident. We show the story of the Como Mamas, a group that’s making a big splash nationally in gospel music, and we'll hear just how well their voices work in unison to deliver amazing music with a positive message.

Resting next to the bustling city of Jackson is a place of respite and peace - the Greenwood Cemetery - and it’s also home to quite a few of Mississippi’s historical figures. In decades past, the Greenwood Cemetery was a bustling place on Sunday afternoons, as there were fewer distractions to keep families from visiting with their ancestors. Now, however, it seems the cemetery is seeing visitors again.

On the main thoroughfare in the small town of Como sits the Como Steakhouse. The town may be small, but the restaurant always draws a big crowd. We take some time to find out from some customers just what it is that brings in the diners from miles around.