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Vicksburg Tapestry
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Wyatt Watters started painting when he was only 2 years old. Wyatt has now been sharing how he views Mississippi through his water color work for over 30 years. From his years as a student at Mississippi College to the owner of his own gallery, Wyatt has painted on location to tell the story of Mississippi and its people through his brush and canvas. Waters was honored with The Governors’ Arts Award in 2010 and has since traveled to Italy with chef and writer Robert St. John to work on their current cook book “The Italian Pallet”. One can find Wyatt’s work displayed in various locations all over the state as well as his gallery in Clinton MS, where he currently calls home.


The Tomato Place just south of Highway 61 is part restaurant, part store, and part tourist destination. It has something for everyone - whether that something is hats, marmalade, smoothies, or their best-selling BLT. What began as a roadside fruit stand quickly took off into the now flavorful eatery with a selection of fresh, local produce and a savory menu.

Beulah Cemetery is the final resting place of many African Americans who called early Vicksburg home. After the Civil War, the recently emancipated slaves began creating churches, places of business, banks, and burial grounds like Beulah Cemetery in Vicksburg. After the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Beulah Cemetery became neglected. In recent years, restoration began on the cemetery, restoring it to its former glory and honoring those buried there.

Tapestry: The Pilgrimage to Vicksburg starts on the first of April every year. During Tapestry, 19 historic homes and properties, including the Old Court House Museum, Cedar Grove, and Flowerree Mansion, are open to the public for an opportunity to learn about the long history of Vicksburg.