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Attorney causes a stir after proposing alternative means of death row executions
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Will this form of execution return to MS?
Barclay Nix (

Additional execution methods is just one area Hood focused on as he unveiled his 2016 legislative agenda. He was worried that Mississippi would not have a way to carry out the law if lethal injection is declared unconstitutional. 

"There is a constant onslaught of any method. If you have an alternative, then the state can carry out the law. If people don't like it, then get 51 percent of the people to vote to do away with it," says Hood. 

The ACLU of Mississippi disagrees with Hood - calling the alternative means of executions "barbaric". 

Charles Irvin - Legal Director of the ACLU. 

"To use this as a leverage to try and  remove transparency from compounding drugs is harsh, and I think wrong," says Irvin.

Hood and the ACLU are finding common ground on other agenda items, including prisoner re-entry programs,. Hood says he wants to give inmates a better transition into society. 

"I've been harping on this for 25 years. When I was D.A., I remember when Tim Ford was the speaker, and I wrote a long letter saying 'We're just turning them out. We're not giving them job skills and training'. If you're going to get somebody back in society and functioning, and get a job and pay their fines, then you have to give them the skill set to do that," Hood says. 

Other items on Hood's agenda include asking lawmakers to allow wiretaps to investigate white-collar crime and human trafficking.