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BP settlement passes, Session concludes
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Gov. Phil Bryant is signs infrastructure bill after session ends
MPB News

A bill to divide a multi-million dollar BP settlement across the state awaits the signature of Governor Phil Bryant. MPB's Ashley Norwood reports as the five-day special session concludes.

By a 99 to 10 vote, the Mississippi House agrees with the Senate on a bill that spells out how to spend the state's $750 million dollar BP oil disaster settlement. The bill says 75 percent of the money will fund restoration projects in the southernmost six counties. The remaining 25 percent will be distributed statewide.

Democratic Representative Alyce Clarke of Hinds County says the capital city should get a larger slice.

"Based on the things that we went through and the people we helped during the time the money is appropriated for. I have some real concerns about it," said Clarke.

Other Democratic Hinds County Representatives such as Adrienne Wooten and Chris Bell also questioned the split on the floor.  

Republican Representative Jeff Smith is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee. He responded saying the bulk of the money should go to the coast.

"This is to help the area where the most damage was done," said Smith.

Republican Speaker of the House Philip Gunn says he is pleased with the results.
"Actually I felt like everybody was pleased with that. this has been a long time coming but the coast delegation seemed to be pleased with the plan that we came forward with. The rest of the state seemed to be pleased. I think the vote reflected that," said Gunn.

At a press conference following the session, Governor Phil Bryant says he looks forward to signing the bill. Ashley Norwood, MPB News.