Thanks for supporting MPB - Watch Us Shine!; Prize winners announced
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The live airing of MPB-Watch Us Shine was a hit August 23, and Mississippi Public Broadcasting as well as the MPB Foundation are grateful for the support.

“I have wanted to host an old-fashioned live pledge event since coming to the MPB Foundation, and now I know why,” said Angela Ferraez, MPB Foundation Development Director. “What a fantastic night of fun, entertainment, inspiration and fundraising it was! You cannot get any better than our own local talent. A big thank you to ALL who watched, donated, called, posted to social media and shared with others. Watch Us Shine was a great success and a sign of more originals to come from YOUR Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Thank you all for your continued support of MPB.”

Though many people tuned in on MPB Television, others watched the program on Facebook live. Several MPB fans commented on social media about what their favorite MPB programs were. The top shows mentioned included Mississippi Roads, Palate to Palette, Grassroots and Thacker Mountain Radio.

And the major announcement that Tomes and Talismans is scheduled to reair sometime in December was well received. MPB fans have been begging to see the 1980s MPB Classic in its entirety again. Stay tuned for an actual air date.

Also, the winners of the fabulous prizes our MPB stars talked about during the program have been announced. Gayle Rinewalt of Ridgeland won the Paul Thorn painting. Greg and Giovina Chinchar of Jackson won the Marshall Ramsay cartoon, and Chris Steiskal of Brandon won the Wyatt Waters painting.

What Us Shine shows the power of our local programming and how our loyal audience appreciates the work of our staff,” say MPB Executive Director Ronnie Agnew. “It was so invigorating to watch the energy of our staff, volunteers and audience as we presented a live broadcast, which is not easy to do. This is a perfect example of our audience supporting the work we do by viewing the live special and supporting us through their giving. As the executive director, I am exceedingly pleased.”