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Childers: Support 'Pay Check Fairness'
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The Democrat campaigning for Mississippi's U-S senate seat is trying to keep interest high two weeks ahead of the election.

Former congressman Travis Childers is highlighting one of his main differences with incumbent senator Thad Cochran.

Childers is making 'pay check fairness' one of the center pieces of his campaign.

Speaking in Jackson yesterday, Childers says he supports a bill in congress that would try to close the pay gap between men and women.

"There is no extra button that gives a discount to women when they are buying milk, bread, baby diapers or gas. They pay the same and they should get paid the same. Period," Childers said.

A spokesman for Senator Cochran says he also supports equal pay but does not consider a new law the way to address the issue.

The most recent poll shows Childers trailing Cochran by 11 points.

The former congressman from Mississippi's first district says he does not think Mississippians have tuned the race out.

"I can assure you that Travis Childers doesn't think it is a low interest campaign. And as I travel the state I can tell you that the people don't consider it low interest," Childers said.

The state supreme court has yet to rule on a lawsuit where state Senator Chris McDaniel is challenging his primary loss to Senator Chochran.

That decision could some as soon as this week.

The general election is two weeks from today.