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Coalition Protests Medicaid Cuts at Senators Cochran's and Wicker's Offices
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Protesters outside Cochran's Jackson Office
Desare Frazier

Mississippi groups supporting people with disabilities are taking their protest to the doorsteps of the state's U.S. senators. 

"Our home, no nursing home. Our home, no nursing home," protestors chanting.

About 50 people are outside Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker's Jackson offices. They're protesting a U.S. Senate healthcare bill that cuts Medicaid.  Members of the Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities say Medicaid provides healthcare, medical equipment and services to help them live independently. Some are meeting with each of the senators' staff. Afterward, Desmeon Thomas, a quadriplegic, talks about what happened. 

"We all told our personal testimonies of how the cuts would effect us individually. They seemed to be really receptive. They had a representative on the phone line from DC that was listening. She seemed like she really cared about our concerns," said Thomas.  

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid reports as of May, more than 712-thousand Mississippians receive services through the program. A report by the Center for American Progress, says the senate plan removes more than 235-thousand Mississippians from the Medicaid by 2026. Scott Crawford is with the coalition and has Multiple Sclerosis. He talks about their meeting with Wicker's staff.

"She did share that Senator Wicker's aware of the importance of Medicaid to Mississippians, particularly Mississippians with disability. We'll see. I'm a psychologist by training. I believe behavior not words," said Crawford.

Senator Cochran says in a statement, he'll continue to work with his colleagues to reach an agreement that benefits the nation. Senator Wicker wrote, rather than cutting funding for Medicaid which he says is false, the plan increases money to the program at a sustainable rate of growth. A vote on the bill has been delayed until after the July 4th recess.