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Continental Gears Up to Hire Initial Production Workers
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Continental Tire Plant Under Construction Clinton, MS
Desare Frazier

Managers working to launch the new Continental Tire Plant in Clinton say they're gearing up to hire production workers.

Launching the 800,000 square foot Continental Tire Plant in Clinton, will take two more years according to Marco Will, the Human Resources Manager. He says by the end of October, they'll have about 30 support staff hired including HR, quality control, finance and engineering. Now he says they're preparing to hire 30 hourly production workers.

"The real important thing is the personality of the people, the willingness to learn, having the passion to win, having the passion make it happen here in Clinton. For the first group of operators they must have the willingness to travel," said Will.

The workers will go to Continental plants in the Czech Republic or Slovakia for 90 days to learn their latest technology. Then the group will train future hires at the new facility.  The company's training center opens in Clinton next month. Applicants for hourly production jobs must have a high school diploma or GED, one year of manufacturing experience and a Silver level National Career Readiness Certificate.  Staffing Specialist Richard Kostal says the certificate tests math, reading and understanding graphics. 

"Win Centers are set-up to administer the WorkKeys Test which is the National Career Readiness Certificate that we're requiring for our production operators," said Kostal.

Kostal says community colleges offer basic manufacturing courses. He says the 30 jobs will be posted in a few weeks. Kostal says people can sign-up for job alerts. He says they'll hire 100 hourly workers in late 2019 and four hundred in 2020.  Some management positions are posted now. Visit