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Dept. of Archives and History Approves Plan to Relocate Conf

Dept. of Archives and History Approves Plan to Relocate Confederate Monument at Ole Miss
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Confederate Monument in the Circle at the University of Mississippi
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A confederate monument standing in the heart of Ole Miss' campus is one step closer to being relocated. As MPB's Ashley Norwood reports, current and former students are talking about the issue.

Officials at the University of Mississippi have received approval from the state department of archives and history to relocate a Confederate monument. The plan is to move the statue of a soldier from a central spot on the Oxford campus to a Confederate cemetery in a less prominent area.

Je'Monda Roy of Jackson is an alumna of the university. She says she remembers feeling isolated and unwelcome anytime she'd pass the statue.

"Being that young, first of all, I really did not know the history of the statue. But I knew it was something that did not resonate with my culture. As a black person, I knew that there was something behind that statue that did not represent me," said Roy.

The next step involves the university officially requesting approval from the College Board. Chancellor Glenn Boyce says the university is preparing a request.

Barron Mayfield is President of the Associated Student Body. He says he's concerned about student safety once a decision is made.

"Either way, you're going to have a group of people who's really pleased with the outcome and a group of people who's really upset. There's going to be tension within the university. We've got to be ready for whatever is going to happen," said Mayfield.

The college board will meet in January when they are expected to make a decision on the proposed monument relocation plan. Ashley Norwood, MPB News.