MPB News talks with Ole Miss Chancellor Dr. Dan Jones
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Dan Jones


MPB News sat down with Dr. Dan Jones, whose firing as University of Mississippi ~ Ole Miss Chancellor has drawn widespread ridicule toward the State College Board.

Jones's supporters have promised an IHL Board sit-in Monday, a campus protest Wednesday.

The outpouring of support gained momentum through a online petition and the use of the social media tag, ‪#‎iStandWithDan‬. Hear the entire interview Monday morning at 8:30 on Mississippi Edition.

Dr. Jim Borsig is the new Commissioner of Higher Education for the State's Institutions of Higher Learning.  He spoke with student journalists from the Daily Mississippian - the campus paper at Ole Miss.  In spite of citing business-related concerns as a reason behind Jones's dismissal, Borsig says there is no unethical behavior suspected.

You can see Borsig's entire interview with the Daily Mississippian at their website: The D M Online Dot Com.

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