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Second Officer Killed In Hattiesburg Shooting Has Been Laid to Rest
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The second officer killed during a traffic stop in Hattiesburg has been laid to rest. Liquori Tate is being remembered as a young man who died doing what he always wanted to do.

Hundreds of law enforcement officials from around the nation joined Mississippians Saturday to honor the life of Hattiesburg Police Officer Liquori Tate during a memorial service.

Throughout the two-hour affair, mourners were reminded that despite the grief they felt, the service was a celebration of life. Marcus Cathey is the pastor of West Point Baptist Church in Hattiesburg.

“The life that we celebrate, it was a short life, but I got two or three witnesses that will declare it was a significant life,” says Cathey.

Throughout the service, Tate’s family referred to him by his lifelong nickname “CoCo.” However, the Tate’s uncle, Vern Ross, says that is no longer true.

“He did not enter eternity as Coco. No. No. He entered eternal life as Officer Tate.”

Investigators say they found the weapon that was used to kill Liquori Tate and fellow officer Benjamin Deen. Seven individuals have been arrested in connection with the shooting.