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Gov. Tate Reeves Ends Eviction Suspension
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Gov. Tate Reeves

Landlords in Mississippi can begin evicting tenants again starting next month.



Gov. Tate Reeves says the state will resume evictions on June 1.

“We have to recognize that housing doesn't just happen,” Gov. Reeves said. “It doesn’t grow on trees. And we cannot suspend evictions forever. This was a two month suspension that I hope, and I truly believe, has helped people get through this most painful time.”

The state suspended evictions on April 3 as the COVID-19 pandemic left many across the state unable to work.

Last month, the state Supreme Court said it would not stop evictions or wage garnishments during the pandemic.

However, the governor says if the state sees a resurgence in the fall, other decisions might be made.

“I am committed to make this decision to give people a significant amount of notice...weeks of notice,” Gov. Reeves said. “And also, I will tell you that should it come to a point where it makes sense to make a different decision, we will stand up, just as I have many times…but given where we are today, we need to go in a different direction."

Mississippi reached 10,000 confirmed cases for the first time on Wednesday.

The state continues to monitor and hand out masks in high risk counties and the areas surrounding them.