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Greenville Housing Group Provides Accessible Housing

Greenville Housing Group Provides Accessible Housing
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Bennie Thompson in Greenville, MS
Alexandra Watts

Residents in one Delta town are getting access to affordable housing. MPB’s Alexandra Watts reports on how a local group is helping people get homes.

Congressman Bennie Thompson is touring the Reserves of Gray Park, a community for those who make at or below 80 percent of the median income.

The complex is RUN by the Greater Greenville Housing and Revitalization Association.

Even though it’s affordable housing, Congressman Thompson says this housing is different.

“The uniqueness of this development is how energy efficient it is. How they are recycling the rainwater, how the doors are designed a certain way…the windows. Everything is meant to be efficient.”

Greenville, like many towns in the Delta, has a higher rate of poverty, which makes it difficult to find affordable housing.

Talakedia Martin lives in the Reserves with her two sons.

“In Greenville, it was tough. There wasn’t the best of quality and pricing and stuff like that. So, I fell really, really good when I found about Greater Greenville.”

The complex is receiving money from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas and Planters Bank.