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Gyms, Barbershops and Salons Open With Restrictions
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Governor Tate Reeves at a Press Conference

Gyms, barbershops and salons are re-opening for the first time after the state’s shelter-in-place. But even as more places open up, Governor Tate Reeves is extending his safer at home order. MPB’s Alexandra Watts reports how the state is working to keep businesses open and Mississippians safe during the pandemic.



Even though Governor Tate Reeves is extending his safer at home order for two weeks, gyms, barbershops and salons are opening today with restrictions.

Employees and customers have to wear masks in salons and barbershops, which also must be deep cleaned before and after hours. Those who work in gyms must also wear masks, clean equipment after each use, and limit the number of people inside.

The governor says he is opening certain businesses to help the state’s economy, but stresses that people should still be careful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I’m doing this because I believe I cannot allow our small businesses to fold and for families to be destroyed simply by government order," Governor Reeves said. "You have to make wise decisions for yourself and your family."

Restaurants and retail stores have also been re-opening in Mississippi.

But as people continue to die and get sick from the coronavirus across the state, the governor is stressing that people should not let their guards down and still practice social distancing.

"This fight is not over. Please take me seriously. Please take this virus seriously. It is your actions that can make a difference. You can keep yourself, your family and your neighbors safe."

There are currently just over 9500 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state with more than 400 deaths.