Healthcare officials concerned about additional Coronavirus cases
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Dr. Thomas Dobbs addresses concerns over increase Coronavirus cases
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Mississippi’s healthcare system is becoming stressed by the Coronavirus, and State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs says he is extremely concerned.



A cluster of COVID-19 cases has been identified in Oxford. State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs says the community could be in the middle of a significant outbreak. He says they have linked several of these cases to fraternity rush parties. “Early information suggest that they are violating the law in the number of people who are in these parties," says Dr. Dobbs. "It is still in the executive order that if you are going to have an indoor gathering and you can’t social distance it should be 20 people or less.”

This comes as hospitals in Mississippi are beginning to see added stress from COVID-19 patients. Dr. Dobbs says some doctors in the state are already having to transfer patients because they can’t provide the care they need. Dr. Dobbs says "Now we’re seeing this younger generation of cases coming through the system. And inevitably it’s going to work it’s way up the system because we’re already seeing parents who’ve got it from their kids from this oxford situation, and then it’s going to go to the grandparents. And we’re going to have more severe illness and hospitalizations and deaths.”

Health officials are extremely concerned about a possible wave of Coronavirus cases in the Fall. They say the best way to prevent transmission and lower stress on the healthcare system is to follow social distancing guidance, wear masks, and avoid large gatherings.