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Jackson To Hire Outside Lawyers for Sexual Harassment Suit
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The Jackson City Council will seek outside legal representation to defend the state’s largest municipality in a sexual harassment suit against Mayor Tony Yarber.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, by a former executive assistant to Mayor Tony Yarber, alleges the mayor created a sexually hostile workplace. The suit also claims city employees went to out of state fundraising parties with strippers.

The Jackson City Council spent nearly four hours yesterday, trying to determine how they will handle the lawsuit.

Council Vice President Margaret Barrett-Simon says the city will contract with an outside attorney to represent the city and the city alone.

Mayor Tony Yarber was conspicuously absent from yesterday’s meeting. In a statement, the mayor says he had a scheduling conflict but did indicate that he has already hired private counsel.

For some members of the council, like Ward 4’s De’Keither Stamps, Yarber’s absence was unacceptable.

Mayor Tony Yarber has denied all of the allegations.