March For Our Lives: Students lead rallies across the state

March For Our Lives: Students lead rallies across the state
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March For Our Lives Rally in Jackson, Miss
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Young people from across Mississippi spent the weekend speaking out against gun violence and school shootings. MPB's Ashley Norwood reports from a March For Our Lives demonstration in Jackson.

Standing outside of the Mississippi Supreme Court, hundreds turn to face the state's capitol and yell "Never Again." March For Our Lives rally drew parents, children, teachers, and supporters to rallies across the state. A group marched through downtown Jackson with signs and chants asking for what they call common sense gun laws and to end the threat of gun violence on school campus.

Nia Johnson and Maggie Jefferies are students at Murrah High School. They say it's important that young people speak out.

"I just want gun control, gun laws. I want people to care about us and our future and our education more than they care about profit and guns," said Johnson.

"The more we speak out and the more we speak out coherently, the more lawmakers will be forced to listen. Or they won't have to listen anymore because they won't be in office," said Jefferies.

Karam Rahat is a student leader at Millsaps College. He says it frustrates him that gun violence on school grounds has become the new norm. Rahat asks second amendment supporters to join the call for stricter gun laws.

"I ask in good faith to those opposed to gun control, if they can continue sending their children here to schools here in Mississippi, a state fourth in gun violence and stricken by poverty and crime. I ask how long will their principles protect us. How long can we gamble that," asks Rahat.

Marchers say they will continue to push for legislation they say will make schools safe. A spokesman for Governor Phil Bryant says the governor encourages Mississippians to exercise free speech and the safety of school children is his highest priority. Ashley Norwood, MPB news.