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Mississippi approves first wind turbine electricity facility
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Wind turbine facility
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Construction on Mississippi's first wind turbine facility is set to begin this summer. 

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Thirteen-thousand acres and up to 100 turbines, this new wind farm in Tunica is expected to generate enough power to provide energy to approximately 70,000 homes across Mississippi.  

Researchers point to the flat lands in the Mississippi Delta, which they say allows the wind to be easily captured by turbines. Charles Finkley is President and CEO of the Tunica County Chamber of Commerce. He says they've been collecting data for four years.

"When the wind farm companies came knocking, we already had the data to provide to them to show them that Mississippi was one of the best and most viable places in the South to set up the first wind farm in the area," said Finkley.

Finkley says this is the first wind farm in the state and in the Southeastern region.

Officials say this new wind farm is another investment in alternative renewable energy resources in the state. Earlier this year, Public Service commissioner Brandon Presley announced the approval of the state's largest solar farm. He says the addition of the wind turbine facility sends a message to the rest of the country.

"This sends a signal to the investment community and the rest of the world that Mississippi is open for business for renewable energy projects," said Presley. 

"These projects are very beneficial to local taxpayers. The wind farm will be paying millions of dollars in local taxes and will support schools, law enforcement, roads, bridges, infrastructure, and the general welfare of the people in Tunica County."

Presley says the facility will also bring about permanent jobs in the community. The wind turbine facility is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.