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Mississippi elects a new Lt. Governor, race for AG makes his

Mississippi elects a new Lt. Governor, race for AG makes history
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Mississippi will have a new lieutenant governor and history was made in the race for attorney general in Tuesday's statewide election. MPB's Ashley Norwood has more.

Republican Lynn Fitch is the first woman to become attorney general in Mississippi. The two-term state treasurer tells a crowd of supporters she hopes her victory will encourage more women to run for statewide office.

This is a positive motivation for all women, young women, and every woman across our state to think about stepping into the politicalarena being apart of the next steps for the great state of Mississippi serving in whatever capacity," said Fitch.

Fitch says she wants to fight opioids and human trafficking. She beat Democrat Jennifer Riley Collins Tuesday. The office of attorney general was held by Democrat Jim Hood for 16 years.

In the race for lieutenant governor, Republican Delbert Hosemann defeated Democrat Jay Hughes. Throughout his campaign he pledged to raise teacher pay and increase state funding for special education. As lieutenant governor, Hosemann will oversee the Mississippi state senate.

"I have an agenda that I've outlined. It's education, county tax, other things that we've talked about we'll be doing those but I think I want to get my senators in a row. Who's going to be chairman over what, vice chairman of what, we've probably got 15 or 16 new ones so we'll have to work with them," said Hosemann.

Hosemann served three terms as secretary of state. Ashley Norwood, MPB News.