Mississippi Gyms Reopen
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Mississippi gyms, salons and barbershops are now open.

Along with salons and barbershops, Mississippi gyms are open again. But restrictions are in place to keep people safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. MPB’s Alexandra Watts reports.



Gyms and fitness centers across the state are open, but they still have to follow guidelines to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Laura Harris and her husband are opening their gym, Delta Sports and Fitness in Cleveland.

"So far it has been good," Harris said. "We’ve had several members…lots of people were ready to get back into the gym. There’s definitely been more traffic than a typical Monday morning from 8 to 12."

Gyms have to follow restrictions to open including not letting in more than 30 percent of its maximum capacity. Hand sanitizer must be offered inside and equipment has to be placed six feet apart. Employees are required to clean surfaces frequently and wear masks.

In Gulfport, Joff Clarke’s gym Bayou View Fitness is also open. He says that some patrons canceled their memberships during the closure -- but are planning to come back later.

There are not many people employed at Clarke’s gym, and he said this makes it harder to get CARES Act funding.

"The only actual employees at our gym are my wife and I. We have trainers that come in, but they are independent contractors," Clarke said. "So, although they are working out and training people at our gym, they get paid directly and we don’t really have anything to do with that."

As the state reopens, health officials are stressing the importance of social distancing and being cautious in public.