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Mississippi Near The Bottom In 'Economic Freedom'
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A new report is showing that Mississippi is one of the least 'economically free' states not only in United States. Mississippi also ranked behind a Mexican state.

The annual report on world Economic Freedom measures a state government's spending, tax levels and labor market mobility.

Author Dean Stansel from Florida Gulf Coast University says Mississippi ranks next to last due largely to high levels of government spending.

Stansel says Mississippi also fares poorly in the other two measures.

"In both of those two categories, taxes and labor market freedom, Mississippi ranked not at the bottom but in the bottom ten and that is nothing to write home about," Stansel said.

Mississippi also finished tied or behind five Mexican states and all but one Canadian province.

But Corey Wiggins with the Mississippi Economic Policy Center says the report is too narrowly focused on how much the state is spending rather than what it is spending it on.

"What can we invest in here in Mississippi that can provide individuals and families to lift families out of poverty. To help families be self-sufficient. And for families to have economic security," Wiggins said.

Texas, South Dakota, and Virginia ranked among the states with the highest economic freedom.