Mississippi Officials give Coronavirus Update
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Dr. Dobbs gives updates to the states Coronavirus response
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Through the safer at home order that began this week, Governor Tate Reeves hopes residents can boost the state’s economy, without increasing the spread of the Coronavirus. MPB’s Kobee Vance Reports



Most Mississippi businesses are reopening to the public as the state begins the long transition back to normalcy. Governor Tate Reeves says this reopening is the first step in shifting responsibility for public health from the state to the individual.

“I trust the people of Mississippi to be vigilant, to do the right thing in the coming days and weeks, to continue to see the slow of the spread of the virus so that we protect as many Mississippians as is possible.”

Reeves says he is encouraged by seeing people wearing masks in public even though it’s not required, however one place it will be mandatory is at medical clinics. Dr. Thomas Dobbs is the State Health Officer.

“The expectation is going to be for every patient to wear a mask in the waiting room. It’s going to be hopefully a universal thing, so when you go to the waiting room plan on bringing a mask with you if you have it, but if not it’s our expectation that the clinic will provide it for you.”

The Department of Health also is expanding COVID-19 testing to residents with fewer symptoms. Dr. Dobbs says it will help the department test more patients and better track the virus’s spread.

“So if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, don’t have to have necessarily a documented fever, or if you think you might have been exposed, please register for the Drive-Thru clinics if in fact you’re in those areas and want to get tested.”

Governor Reeves says while not every resident can be tested every day, the increased testing will help prevent patients with fewer symptoms from spreading the disease as the state continues reopening the economy.