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Mississippi Stores Gearing Up for Sales Tax Holiday
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Mississippi stores are gearing up for this year’s sales tax holiday, which begins Friday just after midnight and continues all day Friday and Saturday. MPB’s Evelina Burnett reports.

Clothing and shoes that cost less than $100 are included in the sales tax holiday, so many retailers that sell those items are finding ways to attract customers by offering additional sales. 

Hannah Broadway is owner of LoveLeigh children’s boutique in Long Beach. She says the sales tax holiday helps bring in business. She will have extra help this weekend and offer a 30 percent discount store-wide Friday & Saturday.

That’s on top of the sales tax break.

"I mean it's only 7 percent, but a lot of people look for those places doing those extra specials," she says. "I mean, here you're saving 37 percent so it really kind of helps out."

Broadway is even extending the sale to items that aren't eligible for the sales tax holiday. Ron Aldridge is the Mississippi state director for the National Federation of Independent Business. He says many stores will do the same. He says this is also a chance for shoppers to support their local businesses.

"Every time you invest in your small businesses and at the same time save money for yourself, you are the Mississippi Development Authority," he says. "You're able to help your neighbors and help your community grow and prosper and become a place that you would be proud of to live in and work in and play in."

Accessories and some sports items, like cleats, are not included in the holiday. A full list of eligible items is on the Department of Revenue website.