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Mississippians Impacted by Flooding can Apply for Help

Mississippians Impacted by Flooding can Apply for Help
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(File) A makeshift levee built by a resident in Rolling Fork, Miss.
AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Governor Phil Bryant is asking for a federal disaster declaration to help Mississippians affected by weeks of flooding. As MPB's Jasmine Ellis reports applications are now being accepted for temporary housing assistance.

Starting today Mississippians who are without a home due to flooding and severe weather can now start applying for temporary housing assistance. Applications are available in Grenada, Lee, Lowndes, Warren, and Yazoo counties. Greg Michel is executive director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. He says the program is state funded.

"It provides temporary housing assistance either through rentals... primarily it's short term... so it would be rentals, apartments, houses, whatever until that federal assistance catches up," said Michel. "So once that federal assistance kicks in then the federal money pays and the state will stop."

Thirty-two counties in Mississippi have extensive flooding and more than 500,000 acres of agricultural farmland are underwater. Gov. Phil Bryant has asked for a federal disaster declaration for assistance with the flooding.

"It is impossible just now for our personnel to get into the flooded area to determine the exact amount of the damage," said Bryant. "But we are looking to the president and to FEMA working through the Stafford Act to be able to provide some relief and assistance."

Mississippians have until March 26th to turn in their applications for temporary housing assistance.