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Mississippi Congressional Delegation Shares Impressions of Pope Francis Following Historic Address
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Pope Francis Addressing Joint Meeting of Congress

It was standing room only in the chamber of the House of Representatives to hear Pope Francis address Congress.

"I  am most grateful for your invitation, to address this joint session of Congress," said Pope Francis.

He talked about hot button issues from the excesses of capitalism and embracing immigration, to the sanctity of life. Congressman Greg Harper found the Pope's gentle, kind manner impressive.

"Even though he touched on a lot of issues that maybe some people didn't agree with or did agree with, he did it in such a gentle manner, there was nothing offensive that could've been taken by his remarks," said Harper.

Senator Roger Wicker was on the Escort Committee for the Pope's visit. He appreciated the Pontiff's remarks about tolerating differences. He also noticed the message Pope Francis conveys non-verbally. Wicker says lawmakers lined-up to greet him, but he didn't stop to shake their hands.  

"But then when he got to the end of the line he saw staff members. It was the employees that he stopped and shook hands with and engaged in conversation. He's not so interested in the powerful, as in the people who do the everyday jobs and keep things running," said Wicker.

Hundreds of Mississippians traveled to Washington, DC, to see Pope Francis during his historic first trip to the United States, including representatives from Catholic Charities and the Diocese.