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MS Superintendent of Education Responds to Largest Budget in History
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State Education Superintendent Carey Wright appreciates the funding lawmakers provided to public schools, but she says it's not enough. The 2.5 billion dollar allocation falls more than 200 million dollars short. Wright says there are a list of needs that will not be met including money for more technology in schools, making needed building repairs and funding teacher supplies.

"I know that they need that money and I think the efforts that we are trying to do in working with our districts and also what we're trying to do here at the department, in terms of expanding early childhood, improving our information system internally, putting forth money for a principals academy and we're trying to go about improve education from our perspective as well." said Wright.

Legislators added 110 million dollars to the education budget, however more than half the money will have to fund the second part of a teacher pay raise. Chairman of the Board of Education, John Kelly.

"I appreciate what the legislature and the legislators did across the street this week. But what I will say is that MAEP was not fully funded. Is it going to have an impact over the performance of this department over the next year? Absolutely." said Kelly.

Lawmakers say it could be another two or three years before they are able to fund public education at the level required by state statutes.