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MSDH reports 238 new cases, 10 new deaths
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Today, the Mississippi State Department of Health is reporting 238 new cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi and 10 new deaths. The total of Mississippi’s cases since March 11 now stands at 4,512, with 169 deaths.

We are now charting daily hospitalizations for COVID-19 on our website. This is an important measure of the severity of the outbreak and the impact it has on Mississippians and our medical care system. Currently, there are 359 patients in hospital care for COVID-19, with 189 of these in intensive care.

We have a new update on COVID-19 testing in Mississippi. As of yesterday, more than 50,000 Mississippians have been tested for COVID-19 (10,558 individuals tested by the MSDH Public Health Lab, and 39,714 by hospitals and other providers). Our daily testing rate also puts us among the top states in the nation. Testing and social precautions are now working together to help control COVID-19 in Mississippi. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, make sure to contact a testing provider near you:

A detailed breakdown of COVID-19 cases and deaths by race is now available on the MSDH website along with more details of COVID-19 in the state and preventive steps to take against coronavirus at

The Mississippi Coronavirus Hotline is the best way to get your questions about COVID-19 answered. Call any time: 877-978-6453.