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New online tool to help small business in Mississippi
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Thinking of opening a business in Mississippi?
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Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann has launched a new website called Mississippi BOSS. He says BOSS - or Business One Stop Shop - will allow users to take the first step to running a business in the state. 

"We will structure your business for you, give you the alternatives, the advantages, the disadvantages, and give you all the information you have to have for filing or getting a license. For example if it were a license to do one thing or another that's licensed by the state or the county. All of that information is put here so that Mississippi small businesses with a minimum amount of effort can make a good financial decision," says Hoseman. 

Mississippi BOSS is right along side Y'all Business - a previous resource from the Secretary of State, that gives entrepreneurs information about the location where they may want to open a business.

Hosemann says both sites together put economic, census, and consumer data all in one place.

"We've laid it all out there for Mississippians now. An easy website to use. Y'all Business is a way to do your research on your county and your city, and this is the way to do your research and start your business. It's all on the web," Hoseman says. 

Shellie Michael is with the Mississippi Minority Business Alliance. She says the new website is a great step for small businesses - particularly minority-owned. 

"Many of the businesses are not aware of the need to register or even realize it is a requirement. So, this program removes some of the mysteries and uncertainties that minority business face. So, the Mississippi BOSS program would definitely benefit the minority and women-owned businesses that we serve," says Michael. 

According to Hosemann, small businesses made up most of the 16,000 Limited Liability Corporations filed last year.