Nissan Workers Energized to Unionize by Former Presidential Candidate
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Sen. Bernie Sanders at rally in Canton on behalf of Nissan Workers
Desare Frazier

Nissan workers at the Canton plant say they're energized to take the next step to unionize the more than 6,000 worker facility. A former presidential candidate was among a list of speakers to visit Mississippi in support of the effort.

"When working families are under attack what will you do? Standup fight back. When our environment is under attack what will you? McNair.

Aaron McNair, is the national president of the Sierra Club an environmental group. He's one of a list of speakers in Mississippi, for a rally and march in Canton over the weekend. They're here to energize workers to unionize the Nissan plant. Actor Danny Glover was also there. He encouraged workers not to be intimidated. 

"We have to martial-up our courage. We have to find ways in which to look at fear in the face. Fear here you are, but I'm here standing tall," said Glover.

Hundreds of members of the United Auto Workers Union came to Canton, from across the country to march to the Nissan plant.  UAW President Dennis Williams.

"This is not about being anti-Nissan. This is about a balance of power where workers have a voice in the workplace," said Williams. 

Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders calls the effort a struggle for dignity.

"We say to Nissan it's great that your CEO makes $9 million. It's great that you made $6 billion in profit. But you know what? Share some of that wealth with your workers," said Sanders. 

Travis Parks a technician at Nissan, says this is the support they need. 

"Oh this is it. This is the change. This is the change we needed as workers in the United States, in the south. This is what the workers deserve right here," said Parks. 

Union representatives from Brazil and France also took part in the event. An estimated 2,000 people took part in the rally and march. Nissan's Human Resources Director, Rodney Francis says they believe in direct communication with employees regarding their concerns as well as their right to protest.