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Threatening Cold Temperatures Return

Threatening Cold Temperatures Return
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MEMA Director Lee Smithson
MPB News

Officials are warning Mississippians to stay off the roads and stay warm. Weather experts say this winter storm could be a lot more dangerous than last week's cold spell. MPB's Ashley Norwood reports.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is expecting up to three inches of snow in the northern parts and lesser amounts in central and southern areas of the state. After the snow stops, MEMA wants the public to be aware of possible extended water issues due to below freezing temperatures. For most of last week, residents in the capital were without water or advised to boil water before use.

Lee Smithson is the Director of MEMA.

"This one is very serious. We know we lost water throughout the vast majority of the city of Jackson. The entire city was under a boil water notice, we're going to see that again. I'm very confident with lows down in the teens, we're going to see it again," Smithson.

Bob Devaney is the regional disaster officer for American Red Cross of Mississippi. He says the snow will stick this time creating icy roads and bridges because of freezing temperatures.

"People just don't have the experience of being out in the cold and driving when there's drifting snow or blowing snow or ice on bridges. We all need to be really careful and be careful of the person next to us too," said Devaney.

Smithson says the Mississippi Department of Transportation is planning ahead.

"MDOT is obviously monitoring the situation now. They're getting their fleets ready really for the Jackson area all the way up to the northern part of the state. We will start the brining operation when they get a good idea of where the snow is going to be," said Smithson.

Information on warming shelters and precautionary measures is available on the MEMA website.