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Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel
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Airplane and Traffic
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More than 55 million people are estimated to drive over 50 miles for the Thanksgiving holiday. MPB's Kobee Vance reports on how to avoid unnecessary stress.

Travel experts say that if you're traveling by air or by car, it's always important to plan ahead and stay safe. LSherie Dean is with the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority. She reminds fliers that even in Mississippi, air travel will get busy.

"Get here early. Two hours early. Again it's a peak holiday travel time. The parking lots fill up really quickly, so if you don't know the airport or you're not familiar with the lay of the land, we always warn people to know before you go."

On the ground, it will be just as important to plan ahead. Jace Ponder is the Public Information Officer for the Mississippi Department of Transportation. He says drivers can check the MDOT website for harsh weather alerts, traffic, and other hazards.

"We always encourage people to plan ahead. Wherever they're headed, to take a look at MDOT traffic app and just know before they go what to expect. And since there will be cars on the road to anticipate leaving a little bit earlier and allowing extra time. That way you can remain patient on the ride."

MDOT reminds drivers to stay off their cell phones because mobile users are four times more likely to have a serious crash.

The Department of Public Safety will have extra troopers patrolling roads looking for speeders and impaired drivers.