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Tropical Depression Barry Brings Rain to Flooded Delta

Tropical Depression Barry Brings Rain to Flooded Delta
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Delta flooding at Eagle Lake
Alexandra Watts

Rain from tropical storm Barry is affecting Mississippi — including the already flooded South Delta. MPB’s Alexandra Watts finds out what is next for the region.

Tropical depression Barry is making its way through the South, including the already flooded Mississippi Delta.

The South Delta has been under water for months. The extra rain from Barry is adding insult to injury.

John Elfer is the emergency management officer for Warren County. He said the rain has been steady but better than expected.

“I think we faired better than we thought we would," Elfer said. "The structure at Steeel Bayou is open. The river is still dropping — very, very slowly. So, hopefully, we won’t see that big of bump.

But Elfer said the storm is not over, and that more rain is a real possibility over the next few days.

Michael Brown is the state’s climatologist. He says more rain means an increase in damage for the South Delta.

“With the saturated stories that a lot of Mississippi has right now," he said. "The additional rainfall that Barry’s going to provide, that could lead to a lot of tree damage — trees coming down, power outages and those sorts of things.”

The rain is expected to continue for the next few days.