Vigil Held in Support of Immigrants

Vigil Held in Support of Immigrants
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Immigrants' Rights Supporters Rally in Jackson
Ezra Wall

Immigrants rights supporters in Mississippi are raising their voices on behalf of migrant families. As MPB's Ezra Wall reports, they're asking for an end to aggressive enforcement tactics from Washington.

A group of Mississippians is outside the Thad Cochran Federal Courthouse in Jackson, chanting in support of immigrants rights. They want to release asylum seekers and other migrants from U.S. detention centers - they call them concentration camps. The Reverend James Carstensen offers one of several prayers.

"Today in this country, we have lost our way. We have lost the knowledge to do better. And what we are doing is, we are taking the least of these and we are locking them up," says Rev. Carsensen. "We are not following Jesus; we are not following Moses; we are not following Abraham; we are not following the prophets."

President Donald Trump on Friday spoke about his administration's intention to ramp up efforts to find and detain undocumented immigrants.

"It's not something I like doing. But people have come into our country illegally. We're focused on criminals; we're focused on MS13," the President said. "But when people come into our country we take those people out and we take them out very legally; they all have papers."

Back at the Mississippi demonstration, Nepali immigrant Saurabh Sharma invokes a common Trumpism.

"I fight for human rights. I fight today; I will fight tomorrow. And I will try to make America better again," says Sharma.