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Voter registration deadlines for the November 2nd election are this weekend
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Booths with voter registration forms were set up at several universities and colleges throughout the state.
Kobee Vance, MPB News

College and university campuses across Mississippi are participating in National Voter Registration month to encourage students to engage in the election process.



September is Voter Registration Month, and schools across Mississippi are holding voter registration events to engage with students and their families. Booths are in place to allow students to check their registration status, and forms are available if students would like to sign up to vote. These institutions then mail in the forms for the students to complete the registration process.

Secretary of State Michael Watson says more than 80% of Mississippians are registered to vote. And he says getting young people involved in the election process will help ensure their voices are heard.

“And then it’s incumbent upon us to really educate people why should you be voting. Why should you be engaged. Across college campuses today we’ve had a lot of energy, a lot of good reception. And again, to focus on the idea of making sure they know we care is important to us.”

Watson mingled with students and faculty at several institutions in the Jackson Metro area. At Mississippi College, Sophomore student Madalyn Mitchell of Kosiuscko discussed the importance of voting.

“As somebody that is in the younger demographic of our state, we are the future of this state. And so as the youth, it’s kind of our way to make our own futures.”

Jiris Killingsworth of Utica is a Senior at Jackson State University and President of the campus’s Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. He is working with the university to promote voter registration and says many students may be from out of state and unable to vote in local elections.

“Most people say ‘yes, I’m registered [to vote] at home,’ and we’re like ‘Do you want to get registered here in the state of Mississippi?’ Then we tell them the importance of being registered to vote here. It’s simple, just fill out a form, and they’re registered to vote here and we’ll get that form submitted to the state.”

This is the last week Mississippians can register to vote in the upcoming November 2nd election, and forms can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.