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"We're gonna go after these criminals" Attorney General's Office opens new cyber fraud task force
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Forensics equipment to investigate mobile devices, computer parts, and other electronics
Kobee Vance, MPB News

Cybercrime is on the rise in Mississippi, including Wire fraud, ransomware, and the use of cryptocurrency in illegal transactions.



A dozen computer screens wrap around the new cyber fraud division of the Attorney Genera's office in Jackson. It will be used to prevent, detect and mitigate financial crimes using electronics. Mississippi's Attorney General Lynn Fitch says her office will use this new partnership with the secret service to prosecute the growing number of cybercrimes.

"We're gonna go after these criminals. We're going to have the ability to investigate these cybercrimes, to prosecute these cybercriminals, and to truly police the information super-highway. With the role being of the task force is to take these cybercriminals down."

The Attorney General's office has an existing division that addresses cybercrimes targeting minors. Charlie Rubisoff, Director of Investigations of Cyber Crimes, says the partnership with the Secret Service has brought in new equipment for a digital evidence forensic lab.  He says the department will focus on fraud, but the expansion will allow for other investigations if needed. 

"Of course those crimes that involve the use of technology, cybersecurity issues, but also a lot of just traditional crimes now have an electronic nexus, so violent crimes, murders, rapes. That type of thing as well," says Rubisoff. "And then yeah, we've got some other areas that are dedicated to mobile device forensics, computer forensics, online research and that type of thing."

The Cyber Fraud Task Force will also partner with the Mississippi Gaming Commission and several local law enforcement agencies across the state.