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Educational daytime TV programming to air uninterrupted
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At-Home Learning TV Schedule

When Mississippi’s schools closed due the coronavirus outbreak, Mississippi Public Broadcasting coordinated with the Mississippi Department of Education to provide daytime educational programming for all grade levels. Parents, teachers and students now have access to these programs from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. each weekday.

During this same time, MPB Television has interrupted the educational programming to cover Gov. Tate Reeves’ coronavirus press briefings. Now that the press briefings have become daily events, MPB is determined to meet both of these needs: providing the press briefings while also providing the scheduled educational programs.

To do this, beginning Monday, April 13, MPB will broadcast the educational content uninterrupted, while carrying the governor's daily coronavirus press briefings live on MPB Think Radio and streaming on MPB’s website - – as well as MPB’s Facebook and MPB’s YouTube platforms.

MPB’s Television team will continue to provide coverage of the governor’s events to other TV and radio stations in order to minimize the number of people physically present at the briefings.

MPB reserves the right to pre-empt programming when there is breaking news regarding the coronavirus.