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Emerging Musicians Take Center Stage in New TV Series
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JACKSON, Miss – Mississippi Public Broadcasting will soon bring heightened exposure to up-and-coming musicians and bands through its new show, “Amped & Wired”, premiering Oct. 2 at 10 p.m.

Unlike many shows on commercial television that often present music as a competition, “Amped & Wired” is all about the music community, which needs collaboration to thrive. The performances are not forced to fit a certain mold; instead performers present their songs in a natural way that fits their own musical vision.

The program features unscripted, live performances of original material at Mississippi venues in front of real audiences. “Amped & Wired” strives to retain the raw look, feel and sound one would experience at a live show. The ultimate goal is to provide artists with a channel through which to project their music that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

“There is a wealth of underappreciated musical talent out there waiting to be discovered,” said MPB Senior Producer Scott Bradfield. “My hope is to give these artists a platform to gain wider exposure, and at the same time help MPB be relevant to an audience we may not have reached previously.”

To help engage these audiences through digital and social media, “Amped & Wired” content will also be available to view online.

The program is not dedicated to one specific genre of music, instead seeking to highlight a wide variety of acts, including some that don’t fit neatly into any particular pigeonhole.

“The first season of ‘Amped & Wired’ will feature a mix of different musical genres, with the desire to keep it diverse as we go forward,” said Bradfield. “The audience should occasionally expect the unexpected.”

The series premiere spotlights the Cardinal Sons performing at Hal & Mal’s in Jackson. Raised in Jackson, Mississippi and currently residing in New Orleans, brothers Joe, John and Dave Shirley bring three-part vocal harmonies and their own blend of melodic pop rock to the stage.

Every Friday on MPB TV, a block of music programming will kick off with “Amped & Wired’ at 10 p.m., followed by the nationally syndicated shows “Bluegrass Underground” and “Front & Center”.