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Third Coast Radio Ep. 10
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Each week Third Coast Radio takes a look at what it takes for the independent artist to flourish using their musical talents.   Hailing from Hattiesburg, Ty Trehern is using his talents for genre-bending melodies and vocals to flourish as a singer-songwriter.  As the Artist Spotlight guest Ty talks about how his knowledge of public relations gives him a leg up on his contemporaries.  

Featured Playlist:

Big Yayo - Boots On Song

The Startup - Waiting

Coke Bumaye - Purpose

Ty Trehern - Something To Find

Ty Trehern - Love or Lust

Yung Jewelz - Higher feat. Vitamin Cea, Savvy, & Dolla Black
Sean Elliot - Oh Boy
Jonte Mayon - I Love You So
Seth Power - Imagine That

To hear this week's show & past shows, click here.


If you are an independent artist send a CLEAN MP3 of your song to for consideration to be played on Third Coast Radio.