Third Coast Radio Ep. 12
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The women of Mississippi have always played an important role in shaping this state's rich musical history.  Vitamin Cea follows in these ladies' footsteps with her unique style and lyrical approach to music.  Now with Jackson as her creative home, Vitamin Cea is a sought after collaborator and one of the most current voices in Mississippi hip hop. 

As the Artist Spotlight guest, Vitamin Cea talks with the Cool Kids about how she got to the microphone and what it's like to work with other women in the Mississippi music scene. Also Kamikaze and Dolla Black talk about the atmosphere around the passing of JuiceWrld. Who was a rising star in the music industry and just turned 21 years old.

Featured Playlist:

Eric Jamal - Roller Coaster

The Startup - Don't Let Them Hear You Scream

Rev. Bankroll & Bob Street - 19-5

Vitamin Cea - Cea Ya L8tr

Vitamin Cea - Lessons

Ty Trehern - Something To Find

J.I.G.G.A. JMO - Holding

Stephanie Luckett - Issues

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